Economy Healthcare Education Integrity

As a real-estate agent and broker for over 30 years, I’ve sat with your friends and neighbors at thousands of kitchen tables helping to make the biggest decisions of their lives. I’ve seen what keeps our community up at night, and we need policy that addresses those concerns.

Here’s where we should start.

Middle-Class Economy

Our state is at its best when we focus our budget on workers as well as the middle class. We need to stop subsidizing Ohio’s perceived prosperity on the backs of our hardest workers and families struggling to make ends meet.

Affordable Healthcare

Doctor’s visits are medical decisions—not financial ones. We need a system that gives all Ohioans access to health insurance that doesn’t break the bank, increases preventative funding for opioid treatment as well as protects the Medicaid expansion.

Reasonable Educational Standards

Since the passage of House Bills 64 & 70, our schools are victims of standardized testing in a world without “standardized” kids. We need to reduce the burden on students and teachers and shift our educational emphasis from testing to learning.

Eliminate Corruption

The current state legislature has shifted more than one-billion dollars in tax burden from the state to counties and townships since 2010.1 We need to restore local control to our government, our schools and our communities by ending the kickbacks in Columbus.

1. Policy Matters Ohio, December 19, 2016.