Sharon Sweda

With You. For You.

During my time as a resident and business owner in Avon, N. Ridgeville, Lorain, Amherst, Elyria, Vermilion and surrounding communities I have yearned for representatives that would be more proactive towards solving local concerns.

I have lived, worked, and raised a family throughout this District. I understand our needs and have the experience that will equip me to attract greater investment and growth to ensure sustained security for our friends, families, and neighbors.

I will take issues discussed at our kitchen tables and fight tirelessly to bring back real solutions for our residents. I will pressure our legislature to look towards home and focus on bringing positive change to all Ohioans’ daily lives.

I will always listen to your concerns so that I can be a better voice for our district and welcome all constituents to join our campaign to build strength for our future! – Sharon Sweda

This campaign is possible through your support!